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Listen. Learn. Plan. Deliver.

Over the past decade, our construction industry has seen a strengthening trend toward project management systems intended to standardize the design and construction processes.

At BEC, we are a team of experienced builders who reject this cookie-cutter approach. Simply put, our standardized process is to listen to you and come to understand your mission. With this knowledge, we can create an efficient plan using the right resources to get you to your goals.

Kadampa Temple
a building with parking lot and trees in the background


Efficiently, economically, and quickly. This single point-of-responsibility delivery method can reap huge benefits for many projects. With our flexible approach to planning, we can assemble a “right-sized” team and resources to deliver a high-quality and high-value project quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Construction Management at Risk

This delivery method carries all the benefits of the design-build approach but requires that the customer contract directly and separately with both the design professionals and the builder/construction manager. This approach gives our customers a greater sense of design control and requires greater involvement and design responsibility. Internally at BEC, we utilize the identical flexible planning approach for our design-build projects.

a building with solar panels on the roof
a building with solar panels on the roof

Butler Buildings: Supply and Erect

As a Butler Builder®, we can also supply and erect high-quality and Industry-leading Butler Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings. Government Agencies, Owners/Builders, and General Contractors can benefit from the extensive Design Support and high-quality construction available through a Butler Builder.

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